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The online home of award-winning Author, Theological Investigator, Lecturer and Dr. Hypnoanalyst, Dame Ysatis De Saint-Simone.

Dr. De Saint-Simone  has developed a collection of amazingly powerful diagnostic and therapeutic but extraordinarily simple and powerful tools that instantaneously open lines of Mind-cell communication, enabling people to implement at the deepest levels the willed changes they desire.
Best known for her pioneering practice in the field of mental healing, Dr. De Saint-Simone’s visionary approach coupled with a rigorous adherence to the highest scientific/spiritual standards has won her the Silver Medal of the University of Alcala de Henares in Madrid, Spain and her accomplishments in the fields of Personal Transformation and Healing through the Mind international acclaim with the title of Dame of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.

“I Know from personal experience”, says Ysatis, “that Know Thyself, the axiom of Wisdom inscribed on the great shrine of Delphi dedicated to Apollo in ancient Greece, is not only wise advice, but Essential  for all humans to realize who desire to Become the magnificent Unlimited Beings that we are created to Be — knowing, powerful, exuding Peace, health, joy, beauty and in command of our lives.

I have been told repeatedly by most people who know me, that I appear to not age as others do, that I look much younger than I am.  I know that to be true.  But what is  best in me and makes my life beautiful regardless of outside circumstances – which are not always what we call ‘good’ – is not what meets the eye.  What is Essential is invisible to the eye.   And what is this invisible treasure?  It is that I have realized the Truism behind ‘Know Thyself’, I Know who I am, what I am doing here on earth and what the purpose of it all is.  And because I have realized who I am, I can do many things that others, including myself in the past, consider impossible. What is more important is that I can help others to function from that Center of Power from where we can handle anything in life, reorganize our life and take if  to success.  The goal of our evolution and the key to success in life is Knowing Who we Are, and Becoming the Unlimited Beings that we are meant to Be .”

Ysatis De Saint-Simone


To “Know Your Self “ is not a question of knowing ‘who you think you are’, nor a question of Philosophy, Science or Religion.  It is a question of Being, of relieving your Mind from ineffective and limiting information that hinders you and  waking up to a New You.  A question of transformation, of recuperating your True Identity and becoming who You truly Are – an Unlimited Being with Unlimited Potentials of Being – and thereafter manifesting your chosen reality from that place of consciousness.  It is a question of Life, of living life to its full potential.

What does the Mind have to do with health, well-being and success?

Everything.  Have you ever wondered why you revert to old patterns of behavior that hinder your progress and that ‘you want to change’? Have you noticed that the same negative thought patterns seem to invade your mind even after working hard to change them? The answer is simple.  Belief creates reality.  If you want to change, you first must change your Mind.

The latest modern scientific research reveals that this universal truism is one of enormous implications for all who are striving to better themselves, do more, have more and achieve more.

Groundbreaking scientific research at the intersection of Quantum Physics and Neuroscience has found that ‘belief’ is not only mental, but it is biological as well.  It becomes biological when you accept a ‘belief’ as true for yourself and it affects your cells! Most of us are aware that we function according to the program each of us have in our Mind, but very few know the implications of that way of functioning.  The bottom line of modern scientific research is that ‘belief’ doesn’t merely affect the body, but that ‘belief’ is the body! And that ‘your accepted belief’ is whatdetermines your life experience as well!  Their conclusion is that no one can experience a superior transformation or any permanent change of any kind or form until they communicate with their cellular body with a New Mind, one free from old limitations.  Only that will  enable an individual to implement the desired specific changes permanently and at the deepest levels.

If we agree that the Mind is responsible for creating, accepting or rejecting a ‘belief’ and that ‘belief’ creates reality – we also must agree that  if anyone wants to change their life or any condition that limits or afflicts them, be it personal, social, professional or health related,  they must first change their Mind.  The freedom from the ineffective, limiting beliefs they have accepted as true and oftentimes  as ‘part of themselves’ and are actively influencing their behavior and directing their lives is the only thing that will enable an individual to succeed in their intent.


Health or continuity of the Life Force in us,  is sustained by our harmony with It.  The Life Force will flow endlessly and beautifully through man – that is –  if the individual’s Mind doesn’t interfere with its natural flow.  Growth is a characteristic of life and it necessitates change.  Change is happening constantly in everything.  A seed doesn’t stay a seed when it is planted.  Man is not different.  Growth happens naturally in man, yet an integral part of that evolutionary growth is what we call ‘stress’.  In this epoch – and that is becoming more obvious in the regular daily news – only these who ‘Know Themselves’ will cope adequately with stress.

Because of the overabundance of stress in our modern lives, we usually think of stress as a negative experience, but from a biological point of view stress is neutral.  It is the way we approach it that can make of it a negative, or positive experience.

The great gift of this century is that it presents for humanity the opportunity to reach higher plateaus of consciousness and arouse  ‘en masse’ the heart’s center of energy. but a radical, permanent change, healing and spectacular must come through the release of energies from deep within man’s core – his subconscious mind.  If mankind reaches this plateau, its success will be marked by new forms of education and healing.  As the world grows smaller, man’s heart must grow larger.

Specializing in Stress and Age Control, Dr. De Saint-Simone’s groundbreaking practice and research has led many into optimal health and the freedom to chisel the kind of life they have dreamt of having.  Some of them who she has never met personally, but have been referred to her by other clients and she has healed through the phone.

Phone therapy offers indeed many advantages for both client and therapist. Being that this method of healing is mental it  does not require, like other treatments, that the practitioner be  physically present for the therapy  to be successful.  On the contrary, in this type of therapy the practitioner doesn’t need to be in the same room, nor living in the same state or country the client lives.  The therapy session can be done just as effectively from any distance as long as there’s a phone, from one state to another, from another country, or continent, even astronauts could do it from outer space.  Phone therapy benefits the clients  not only because they have total privacy and comfort in doing the therapy in their own home and environment, but also because they don’t need to displace themselves and drive in heavy traffic or travel to the city or country where the therapist  lives.  Most people prefer it this way.

Ysatis De Saint-Simone is a leader in demonstrating that the maxim ‘Know Thyself’ works miracles when practiced.  She is a living testimony of this truism in her life, her own self and ageless physical presence, as also are the people she has healed throughout her thirty years of practice.  She is really a pioneer healer of the latest scientific theories which point out the fact that the Nature of the Universe is Mental, that we are immersed in an Ocean of Infinite Possibilities, limited only by the mind of the observer.   The discoveries of Modern Science indeed suggest that any method that helps us to unlimit and expand our minds is the only  ‘hope for a better Future’. If we want to restore our body’s health in a natural and safe manner and as a secondary gain unlimit ourselves and have a great life, Hypnoanalysis is a ‘must do method’.

Dr. De Saint-Simone began her practice in 1978 based on the ancient knowledge of the mind-body connection, ‘Mente Sana, Corpus Sanus’ (A Healthy Mind, A Healthy Body), simply healing the human body, the emotional energetic system and the environment with the most knowing and powerful system – the Mind.  Literally teaching her clients to experience in themselves the first truly scientific/spiritual understanding of the relationship between the Mind, energy field disturbances, disease and emotional pathologies.   For it is this interaction between the Mind and the physical, emotional  bodies and environment that can either cause or heal most of the maladies and social problems that plague humanity today.

She says, “The most important credentials I have are  the extensive number of people who I have cured  naturally from the maladies that afflicted them, that have freed themselves from character traits that maimed their social lives, from addictions and other very serious psychosomatic problems and are now  healthy and whole human beings”.

To all those ready to transform themselves and open up to the infinite possibilities in themselves, Dr. De Saint-Simone will be, and is a beacon of Light.




High School – Holy Child of Jesus, Sharon Hill, Penna

College – Barry College, Miami, Fla.

M.A. in Psychology University of Salamanca, Spain

University of Miami – Hypnosis and Pain Control

Hypnonalysis complete course with Dr. William G. Bryan L.A. Ca.

1977 PhD Hypnosis Specialist in Stress and Age Control – International College for Hypnosis Studies, Miami, Fla.