Technically Hypnoanalysis is the most natural, deep and direct Scientific Method to get to ‘Know Thyself’ and remove from the Subconscious Mind the belief trances that are keeping you imprisoned in old mind patterns of thought and behavior that limit you.


Albert Einstein used in his formula E=MC2, to transform matter into a higher form of Energy = Light. 

Hypnoanalysis is  a Scientific Method used to transform the limited and fragmented identity, which most people are identified with, either by self acceptance or by others’ imposed conditioning,  into that of an unlimited centered person, balanced and aware of its unlimited possibilities and potentials.

The change liberates a person from psychosomatic problems, limiting character traits, etc.  Once free and unlimited they are not only healthy, but can explore their full potentials and live life to the fullest.

The process is simple and of fast and effective results.

If anyone truly desires optimal health,  to unlimit its life-horizons and be free to create its own reality, Hypnoanalysis is a ‘must have, must do’ method.  By  Becoming our True Self and learning how to function from our Center of Power most people are able to free themselves of any psychosomatic problems and of any repressed feelings on the spot.   Health problems clear away naturally without drugs or effort.  Past traumas that keep an individual imprisoned in ineffectual patterns of thought and behavior and cause stress, emotional trouble and anxiety fade away, and a peace beyond understanding takes place instead.

It is work, but it is rewarding. Dr. De Saint-Simone specializes in  ‘Stress and Age Control’.  She knows how to naturally and easily transform stress into ‘energy’ that can be used for action and creativity, rather than being bottled up, thus becoming a  killer, or being expressed in harmful ways at the wrong time and at the wrong place.




Anybody can answer that question.  I would say, anyone who has Stress or any other symptom.  Or better still: Everyone who is human and has not realized their True Nature.

In this age, no one needs to be limited anymore.  Old traumas and limiting ‘belief trances’ are harmful to anyone even when they have not surfaced yet, but they are much more harmful when they become obvious and surface as ‘symptoms’. When ‘symptoms’ become unbearable  is when most people seek help.

Symptoms are nothing but calls for help from a Subconscious tired of being imprisoned in a limited personality.  The fact is that many people  grow accustomed to live with many symptoms and even readily defend them either with denial or with ‘I know how to deal with it’ until .  .  .   They get a serious Subconscious wake up call!   Let’s take Stress for instance.   Lets not underestimate stress, just because we are used to live with it.

This is just an example of what could happen to anyone ‘used to handle their  Stress’.  To see whole article go to health.com:

I Was Too Busy for Heart Disease Until It Almost Killed Me

By Health.com

In the fall of 2006, Vicki Riedel felt more tired than usual. Riedel, the executive director of development at the Emory University Winship Cancer Institute in Atlanta, had always been pretty athletic (she’d played on a tennis team the previous fall), but she started to feel a mild tightness in her chest when she climbed stairs. It crossed her mind that her symptoms could be heart related, but she was busy with work and family at the time and dismissed the thought.

By the end of the year Riedel had undergone an angioplasty to remove a major blockage in one of her coronary arteries; she had been close to a heart attack.

Stress Hurt My Health
To understand how the blockage developed, my physician and I looked at my family history, my diet and lifestyle, and my cholesterol levels. None of it added up to the extent of blockage that I had.

And then we looked at my stress levels.

Health.com: How Stress Can Break Your Heart — Literally

The realization that stress was the probable cause was so hard for me to deal with. I’ve got a very demanding, fulfilling and challenging job, yet I have to keep my life in balance. It’s a continual process.

This was a tremendous wake-up call for me. I think the most important thing is to really listen to your body; it will tell you so much. We need to take care of ourselves and work for balance so that we don’t put too much stress on ourselves.


In this type of therapy we do not spend much time talking about ‘ symptoms’, nor do we  prescribe drugs to quiet them.  The task is to reach the Initial Sensitizing Event (I.S.E.) or root-cause of the  symptom or symptoms afflicting an individual, removing it  and replacing it with new information coming from the subjects’ own subconscious ideal.  After the removal of limiting patterns is accomplished, we modify behavior and establish new patterns chosen by the new, free person.

The process awakens the person to a new personality free from those limiting patterns, to a Center of strength, mental clarity and balance and to the enormous potentials that lie waiting within us to create our ideal life.

Recuperating our True Nature is the awakening to a world of unlimited possibilities, unlike anything you’ve experienced in your present state of consciousness.