Dame Ysatis De Saint-Simone



Ysatis De Saint-Simone was born on a transatlantic when her parents traveled from Europe to America.

The daughter of a French diplomat and a Spanish mother, Ysatis was exposed since early childhood to people who enriched her spirit and her cultural bank of knowledge.



Her parents shunned her desires to be an actress but her sophisticated aunt, the Countess Consuelo de Saint-Exupery, widow of the famed French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery – author of ‘The Little Prince’, convinced the family to allow her to try a career in the theater.  Ysatis has written a sequel to his book that is the perfect completion in the search for Love of the Little Prince.  A ‘must read’ for those who love the Little Prince.


‘The Rose’

Countess Consuelo De Saint-Exupery


Pretty soon after, she was signed under contract by Universal Studios as an actress where she made her film debut in Ross Hunter’s production ‘Airport’.

After finishing ‘Airport’ she had a near death experience, which changed her life totally, as a result of which she broke her seven year contract with Universal Studios and left Hollywood to finish her studies in Psychology.  Thereafter she became centered in self-introspection and deep studies of the mind and finished her studies at the University of Salamanca, writing her paper on the evolution of the human psyche throughout history.   One year later, she was initiated in Sat-Yoga, the highest form of meditation there is and also learned Inner Kung-Fu and the 5 Rites of Rejuvenation from a Chinese master.  She attributes her health and ageless physical appearance to the faithful practice of both; and her peace of mind and love for life, which she exudes from every pore of her body, to the integration of these methods – which helped her to realize her True Identity.

She sees life as a gradual ascension of humans to the state of perfection they originated from and must return to, chiseled by the centered choices we make each day and every second. She considers this unification of inner and outer perfection in our consciousness the most priceless treasure a human being can find.  .  . The treasure we have been looking for since the beginning of times.

As a result of this profound and open-minded observation and the practice of these ancient systems of re-integration, Ysatis fashioned a system by which one can discern what action is taking place in one’s psyche.  Side by side with these practical rules, she assembled a series of techniques of introspection, observation and healing which have been extremely successful for her own health and peace of mind and that of others. Out of this crucible of trial,self-examination and growth and the yearning for peace and light there emerged in Ysatis that balance of spirit and matter, of mind and body, of mystical contemplation and pragmatic action that is recognized as ‘centered’ by those who know her.  She has acquired a balance between spirit and matter, between introspection and in concrete actions.

She is a practicing Hypnoanalyst,a Theological Investigator, lecturer and author honored for her work with the Silver Medal of Alcala de Henares and titled Dame of Honor of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem on September of 2010.  Her books are designed to help others to discover their own potential for enlightenment and apply it to their lives; a secret Treasure, which in our time has eluded the minds and experience of many illustrious men.

She is devoted to the propagation of these powerful techniques with every breath and action she takes by being a vehicle of Love and Peace in every way possible to her.   She has synthesized all this knowledge into Know Thyself, the Science or practice of ‘Centered  Being’ and believes that although it is quite obvious that most people haven’t evolve to that point, we have already entered into a cycle of great changes, that will soon culminate in the desired goal evolution is pointing at.