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*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** “We are pleased to offer Ysatis De Saint-Simone’s books through Authorhouse,” says Authorhouse President Timothy E. Jacobs. “Her books have a wealth of information, revolutionary, fresh, insightful things to say extremely relevant to our evolutionary process and we believe they are well worth the reader’s attention.”


Genesis 2000

The Forbidden Initiatic Version

A Unified Field for Science and Religion


Genesis 2000 – The Forbidden Initiatic Version – A ground breaking  Spiritual/Scientific treatise based on the brilliant reconstruction of the of the French scholar Fabre d’Olivet of the original Hebrew language, in which Moses wrote Genesis – lost six hundred years before Christ.

Genesis 2000 The Forbidden Initiatic Version unveils the true sense of that brilliant Mosaic document, whose truth  has been purposely obscured  by the few who Understood the initiate’s language in which it was written, for reasons that become obvious after one reads it.  Afterward  it has just been a question of ‘the snowball effect’ – a natural  progression of the darkening of its powerful and liberating truths by those, who perhaps ‘in good faith’ but indeed out of ‘scholarly ignorance’, have unwisely spread the allegoric version of the already altered well-known vulgar version as true.

No wonder Maimonides, Jewish Rabbi, savant and philosopher of the 13th century said: Taken to the letter, Genesis gives the most absurd and extravagant account of the creation and of divinity. Whoever shall know the true sense of it ought to take care not to divulge it. This is an advice that all our sages repeat to us, above all in what concerns the work of the six days. If a person should discover the true meaning of it, he ought to speak of it obscurely, in an enigmatic manner as I do myself; leaving the truth to be guessed by those who can understand me.’ Maimonaides ‘More Nevochovim’ Parch.II Cap.xxix

Many agreed with Maimonaides.   Could it be that an understanding of the original Hebrew in which the true version was written makes it obvious that it is very far from being the exact translation of the profound and scientific document Moses wrote? Is it because  it renders invalid the well-known interpretation of the Torah? (the Old Testament in the Bible).  Or could it be that this Knowledge would indeed impede  the religious domination of man?

Maimonaides ‘wise counsel‘ challenges De Saint-Simone, who being a Theological Investigator and always searching to unveil the truth hidden in ancient documents, questions it asking:  Has it ever been, or is there now ‘a good enough  reason’ to obscure Truth and keep people ignorant of that which is essential for their evolution and survival?

In answer to those questions she wrote Genesis 2000.   She feels that no reason is good enough to hide truth and hinder human being’s evolutionary progress.  She feels that is quite harmful and unnecessary, especially in the era we live now when the great Cosmic and Earth changes have already began, which she calls The Era of the Antichrist – unless your purpose is to aid his designs on humanity.

Fabre d’Olivet, (the French scholar who reconstructed the Hebrew language to disclose ‘Genesis’’ true meaning) also felt that truth needed to be revealed.  He knew very well that his studies would clash with old age accepted religious errors and prejudices but in his book The Hebrew Tongue Restored ‘ he said, ‘In choosing to restore the Hebraic tongue to its original form, I have not been ignorant of any of the difficulties, nor any of the dangers awaiting me. But if one had to listen always to those pusillanimous considerations, what things would ever be perfected? Many men have, at different times and among different peoples, possessed the understanding of the Sepher in the way that I possess it; but some have prudently concealed this Knowledge – whom divulgence would have been dangerous at that time, while others have enveloped it with veils so thick as to be attacked with difficulty.

As d’Olivet expect it he was furiously attacked with the typical discrediting and condemnation of his brilliant study and reconstruction of the lost language.  He, who spoke, wrote and dominated to perfection every live and dead language ever spoken on this planet, knew well what he was doing.  You will need someone who had or has the same abilities or more knowledge than he had to discredit his document.  But it still happens in our days, I have read the discrediting of his work kept alive in the internet, where most accept what they read without a profound research of what their own!

What is the secret that has been so carefully guarded throughout the ages?

Do you want to know?

Are you searching for Truth?

Find out in ‘Genesis 2000’. As Authorhouse President Timothy E. Jacobs says: “Her books have a wealth of information, revolutionary, fresh, insightful things to say extremely relevant to our evolutionary process and we believe they are well worth the reader’s attention.” I would add, especially he information in ‘Genesis 2000’.

NOTE – De Saint-Simone was awarded the Silver Medal of the University of Alcala de Henares, in Madrid, Spain for her lectures on the subjects of Genesis and The Era of the Antichrist.  A rare honor granted to special intellectual contributions that can benefit humanity.




‘Where is Happyland?’ Asked someone who loved the story.

Like the Buddhist priest searching for Wisdom asked, ‘Where is the Kingdom?”

The answer is ‘Not far away.  .  .’

‘Home to Happyland brought me both tears and laughter the first time I heard it.’ Said the publisher of the book Home to Happyland, Vivianne Green, ‘Tears when I realized that I was one of the lost children without the magic mirror and had no idea of how to get back home.  .  .  And laughter when I realized how silly I was, as I was sitting in the place where one learns the way to go back home!’

This little book is a Quantum/Spiritual story of our origins and of how to recuperate our lost divine and unlimited identity Quantum science and all the great Masters of Life talk about.  .  .   With the advantage that it is told in a form a child can understand.   It tells us that once upon a time.  .  .  when Time was not, and everything was One, there was a Kingdom called Happyland.  .  .  And the Children of Light, who inhabited this Kingdom had no limits to what they could imagine and manifest.   .  .  They were immortal, of divine stock and free to choose and will any experience they wish to have, no matter how impossible it may now seem to us.  .  .  But one day.  .  .

Do you want to know the rest of the story?  Do you believe that our nature is such and that there is such a place and a way to find it?  Then, you know what is the next step you must take.  .  .  Welcome!





‘A must read book’ for those who love the Little Prince.  An enchanting story that reflects the author’s own spiritual journey of self-discovery and leads you into your own. The Return of The Little Prince is not just a sequel to the famous book of Ysatis’ famous uncle.  It is an answer to Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s sad plea that completes the unfinished Little Prince’s journey with a golden broche. The Return of The Little Prince takes you step by step, page by page to a place of consciousness we all are searching to find.  A magic spiritual journey.  If you are searching for completion and to Know who you Are The Return of The Little Prince is indeed  ‘a must read book’. If you know how to read with the heart this little book will indeed help you to find that magic spot in you where  ‘stars know how to laugh!’


The Era of the Antichrist


‘The Era of the Antichrist’ is not just a book; it is a living book happening around us everyday in every strata of society, everywhere. .  .  It becomes alive in our life experience, it is a prophecy that is being fulfilled every day, corroborated in our daily news, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Ysatis De Saint-Simone comments on these strange ‘coincidences’ are chilling to say the least.  ‘It is not a strange coincidence that these things like thousands of birds falling dead out of the sky and dead fish surfacing in many areas of the world, rumors of terrifying wars, stronger earthquakes and floods are happening.  .  . ‘ she says, ‘It is something to be expected, signs of the times, because we are indeed already living  in the Era of the Antichrist’

Her book ‘The Era of the Antichrist’ reveals to you not only an extraneous ‘identity of the Beast’,  it unveils that Mystery and the mysteries of our ego-self identity and how it is linked to the Antichrist by using a symbolical and numerological system in use in 96 AD., when St. John wrote the Apocalypse (Revelations).  It helps you understand the tremendous influence and power the Beast is and already has over you and over most of humanity. Most importantly it helps you to know how to fight it and survive the coming changes of the  Era of the Antichrist’.

It is a unique and brilliant treatise that unveils  secrets and mysteries that have been hidden for thousands of years and whose understanding is paramount for our soul’s survival.  In short, it makes you aware of the forces within and without yourself that influence your life.

What is uniquely intriguing, illuminating and also educational about this book  is that in order to disclose the secret mystery of the Number of the Beast, the author has followed Saint John’s advice and computed the number 666 disclosing its secret meaning, by using the Marcosian System of Gnostic Numerology.

‘The number of the Beast has remained a mystery or what is worse the interpretations of it have been blind conclusions that have caused only confusion, because people have not followed directions’ says De Saint-Simone.  ‘Saint John clearly indicated to those who have Understanding that if they compute the number 666, it would reveal the power and identity of the Antichrist’

Following the specific directions of Saint John, the author of The Era of the Antichrist has done it! She has succeeded in giving us, not another conceptual version amongst the hundreds circulating here and there of ‘who is the Antichrist’, but a brilliant computation of the number of the Beast, offering the reader a clear and unpolluted way of unveiling the High Mysteries that Revelations contains.  She has done it with a neutrality  and purity that only numbers and true wisdom have.

St. John the Divine must indeed be very happy with her, for he wrote his mysterious treatise of Revelations using an ancient symbolical and numerological system to protect the High Mysteries’ purity.  He did so, not to be ‘mysterious’ but to protect the Mysteries from the attack of its enemies and or from the blind intellectual conclusions, distortions and faulty interpretation of religious fanatics, which he well knew were eventually going to ensue. By usingthe Marcosian System of Gnostic Numerology, a system devised by Marcus a disciple of Valentinus, a Gnostic disciple of St. John, De Saint-Simone has respected his wish and spared us from another blind interpretation of the identity of the Antichrist

Her advice: ‘In order to survive the Era of the Antichrist: ‘ Inform yourself.  .  .  Be attentive, watch out for the signs of the times.  .  .   And foremost,  follow the directions given by those who are true and love all there is’.



Stories of His Infancy


Jesus – Stories of His Infancy is a priceless treasure of wisdom rich with ancient stories that most people have never heard, about Jesus’ childhood.  Wrapping her book in fabulous stories based on ancient apocryphal documents, De Saint-Simone tells us about how the Child Jesus was coming to terms with the Christ Power that lived within Him and made Him so very different from other boys His age.  What that difference meant to Him as a human and His miracles as a child.  Important information  that makes Jesus more accessible as a human and more divine, which is  stored in the Vatican library reserved for scholars only.

A fascinating book that is not only enriching to the soul, but also a visual treat as it is illustrated with extraordinary masterpieces of art related to the stories of His early years. Jesus – Stories of His Infancy is a small treasure chest of art, love and divine wisdom, undoubtedly a precious gift and a valuable instrument to teach true values to any child. Who can be a better teacher for children to learn about ‘The Golden Rule of Life’ than the Great Master of Love when He was just an infant?

In Jesus – Stories of His Infancy, the Heavenly and earthly birth of Jesus is recounted exactly as it is written in the ancient records of the Sanhedrin of the Jews containing the testimony of the shepherds who were awakened by the angels and of  Melker, the Rabbi from the Synagogue of Bethlehem who witnessed the event.  It is inspiring in its heavenly dimension, described in full detail exactly as described by Melker in his report to the Jewish Sanhedrim.

A precious gift for everyone who loves Jesus, a birthday present or any other occasion but especially for Christmas. The Christmas story in this book is like Silent Night, a gift to the heart full of the supernatural details that are not commonly known.

It is undoubtedly, a story that everyone will like to tell on Christmas night to the little ones of the family, so that they know what an extraordinary celebration Christmas is – not just for Christians – but for Heaven and the whole Earth.


The Passion and The Glory The Greatest Love Story Ever Lived


There have been numerous accounts of the life of Jesus, but this is the first time in recorded human history that his life has been viewed from the point of view of a female.

The Passion and the Glory The Greatest Love Story Ever Told is fascinating, not ony because most its information is based on ancient documents stored in the Vatican and reserved only to scholars, but because it is written from the perspective of one of His most loved female disciples, who knew Him well since His childhood and who loved Him passionately as a God and as a Man, Mary of Magdala.  It is also rich in the art work of the great masters of painting, depicting masterfully and with great beauty many of the great events of the Master of Love.

The Passion and the Glory The Greatest Love Story Ever Lived is the Gospel of Mary of Magdala. A Gospel for the new Century.

This book offers to the reader the most complete account of the life of Jesus the Christ that has ever been written in the history of Christianity.  It includes witnesses accounts of His birth never before published, His childhood miracles and many other stories of His Infancy, important events of the occult, or so called ‘lost years’ of Jesus’ life, many unknown data about His Mission, trial, passion and death, and some of the rarely found Mystery Teachings of Jesus the Christ to His apostles after His Resurrection disclosed in some rare and hard to find Apocryphal Gospels and mostly unknown.

The Gospel of Mary Magdala is a story of the greatest experience of Love a human can have, illuminating, human, intriguing and interesting.  It gives us dimensions unknown to most of us of the humanity and divinity of Jesus the Christ.  Dimensions that only a woman who knew Him since childhood and loved Him throughout her whole life experienced.

In her book, De Saint-Simone explains, Mary of Magdala is seen as an integral part of us, the fallen humanity. Her fall and her redemption are both irrevocably tied to our fallen human nature and her struggle to rise out of her limited way to understand and feel love and success culminating in her redemption to our hopes for our ultimate step in evolution – our own redemption. When we read her story we are able to understand our human selves, our relationship with Jesus the Christ and our divine potentials subjectively.

I hope this book helps all humans to know the unbounded love of the  Great Master of Love, as her experience gives to us dimensions unknown of our own humanity and of our unconscious quest to recuperate our forgotten divine status that overcome ‘religious differences’ and are vital for our soul’s survival.  It is as if her love affair with Jesus the Christ is our own love affair with Him and her transformation from whore  into a saint, the hope for humanity’s own future divinization.

As we penetrate it, The Passion and The Glory The Greatest Story Ever Lived becomes our own story. We learn more about Jesus, His Love for us and are exposed to His Mystery teachings, a priceless treasure of wisdom which is not only liberating, but helps to fuel in us the innate desire to discover and recuperate our true, divine nature. The Gospel of Mary Magdaleneis indeed a revolutionary Gospel of Love for the new minds and spirits of the Twenty-first Century.