To get to Know Your Self is a process of natural, deep and direct work into your Subconscious Mind. 

The Method we use is a scientific Method called Hypnoanalysis.


The first step is to take a Case History of the client.

Out of the Case History we get a Double Diagnosis:

1) The Waking or Symptomatic Diagnosis

2) The  Underlying Diagnosis.

In the first session we sometimes give a Word Association Test if we deem it necessary.

When we finish the testing and study the Case History we should know exactly what is wrong and know exactly how to treat the patient.

SECOND STEP IS to summarize the findings.

We never try to change the individual, comment or  talk about the problem much after the Case History.  Nor do we  put labels on the client, calling them: ‘neurotic’, ‘people pleaser’, ‘workaholic’, ‘impotent’, ‘manic-depressive,’ etc. 

The aim of this Method is to help the client to disidentify from the problem and or the labels that he may have been given and identified with.  We want him to start identifying with his or her healthy centered self, and not with their problematic image, more than they already have. The work concentrates on the removal of  the Root-Cause of the problem. As this happens the client changes naturally, gradually.  The healing will start to show at each person’s Subconscious perfect pace.

TO ACOMPLISH THIS we use the 5 Rs system

Relaxation (removal through experience and resolution.)

Realization (experiential realization when the Subconscious places together the emotion and the event that caused it and the person is relieved forever of the symptom that afflicted it.)

Re-education (learning how to accept the change and be new.)

Rehabilitation (breaking old patterns of thought, behavior and emotional reactions.)

Re-enforcement of new patterns.

So, we have the 1st and the 2nd Rs to find and remove the underlying root-cause of the symptom.

The 3rd and the 4th to help to break patterns and to eliminate the secondary gains the problem had.

The 5th to re-enforce the new free self-image and new chosen patterns of being.

This therapeutic Method of Hypnoanalysis can free most everyone of any psychosomatic  symptom, addictions, character flows and even other problems not consider psychosomatic.  It is a truly powerful and harmless method of healing, what has been called by Quantum scientists ‘the Medicine of the Future.  Nature has endowed us with – our Mind.  The process is natural and exciting because you not only heal, but learn to be who You truly Are and to function from that center of Power and Strength in all aspects of your life.

It is a method of deep introspection of your self in which the Subconscious Mind will eventually release the I.S.E. or Initial Sensitizing Event. The I.S.E.  is usually not consciously recalled, or even suspected by the person.  This event is the root-cause of the problem, it is normally linked to serious emotional trauma, thus it is usually well buried in the Subconscious.

The Symptom Producing Event is on the contrary usually recalled by the patient. The patient may recall the first time the symptoms appeared but he may not be aware of what caused it. 

The S.I.E. or Symptom Intensifying Event or events is, or are, usually what causes the visit to the therapist.  This is usually a conscious and often time painful problem.

In Hypnoanalysis the removal of the problems is always safe and natural. We take the patient to an Alpha state of relaxation where the Subconscious Mind is able to take him or her to that which is directly connected to their problem, we remove it and replace it with an ideal and beneficial event chosen by the subconscious of the patient.  The quantity of emotional power driving the new suggestions of freedom is the factor to be reckoned with in producing the cure.  Here is an example that illustrates one of the problems that can be cured with Hypnoanalysis:

When Sex Doesn’t Go as Planned …

When Sex Doesn’t Go as Planned …

No one wants this situation, but men who struggle with erectile dysfunction don’t have to feel frustrated forever.

*VIP NOTE FROM YSATIS’ DESK* – Today someone sent me this article published today in AOL news and I couldn’t help but to insert it in the Blog.  The article suggests seven treatments to deal with this problem – all of them symptomatic remedies – that is, not one dealing with the removal of that which is causing the problem – the list is: pills, Viagra, suppositories, implants, surgery, etc., but no mention or suggestion that Impotency and erectile dysfunction can be healed by the Mind.   Pretty sad, for in 99% of the cases it is the Mind that is causing the problem; the physical body is just obeying its signals. The reason for this omission is that most people are not informed of how powerful the human mind is, and do not know anything about what Modern Science has called ‘the medicine of the Future’ or mental healing. If you are seeking to have optimal well-being consider to research this subject, for it is the most natural and powerful way to health. I know this. For instance, one of my first clients had the problem spoken about in the article. He is shy about this problem so I can’t give his name, but I can tell you about his case, I will call him Mr. ‘X’. He came to me after seven years of psychiatric treatment, he knew a lot of technicalities about his problem, but he still had it. He came to me in desperation because his psychiatrist had told him, ‘you better face it, you are impotent, so in order to deal with it you will have to take these pills’ And when he asked, ‘do I have to take them for the rest of my life?’ he answered, ‘well, if you don’t want to suffer from the frustration impotency brings.  .  .  well, yes.’ A friend of his who also was a lawyer and he greatly respected referred him to me, and because he didn’t want to become a drug addict on top of being impotent, he came to me. When he first came, he said he was a mess. And he was, he was not only impotent, he suffered  from seven major symptoms: Allergies, Asthma, Duodenitis,  Neurosis, had skin problems, insecurity and had never experienced an erection in his life.  He had what we call: ‘Substitution of Symptoms’.    When he first came Mr. ‘X’ said: ‘I don’t expect you to cure my impotency, I just want you to help me to deal with it because I don’t want to become a drug addict on top of being impotent’.  And when I said to him, ‘You will be OK. You are not impotent’. Impotency is not part of you as your nose or your fingers, you acquired it for ‘x’ reasons.  When we find the ‘x’ and get rid of it, you will be OK.’  Mr. ‘X’ didn’t like my response and said: ‘Look, it’s very nice to seat there and say ‘you are not impotent’ because you are not the person suffering from the problem, I have never had an erection in my life, so I’m impotent, all I want you to do is to help me to deal with it’. I smiled and said, ‘You must trust me if you want me to be help you.  What I’m saying to you is not that you are not suffering from impotency, I’m saying that if we find the reason that you acquired this symptom you will be OK’.  He was desperate enough so he decided to trust me. We got rid of all his symptoms.  He got married and he is now a happy father. 

Know and tell anyone who suffers from this problem, that there is a natural and effective solution to erectile dysfunction and Impotency than those things suggested in the article.

I have successfully cured a few men from this problem with Hypnoanalysis.  One of them, a very young man who is in a Video testimony that I will put in this Blog is very honest and not shy about speaking about his problem and how he was cured, and very glad to let others know they don’t have to suffer. I will upload his testimony here very shortly.

The benefits of healing your problem with the Mind are innumerable.  There are no expensive drugs with dangerous side-effects or to take. The treatment is safe and natural. The SC goes directly to the related incidents and eventually to the root-cause of the problem. When this is removed the symptom dissipates permanently, it will not come back.