It is impossible to enumerate the countless benefits of such a life change.  But here is a list of some of them:

*    Optimal Health

*    Finding your True Identity

*    Freedom from Stress

*    Inner Peace, harmony and balance in spite of environmental pressures

*    Awareness of your love nature

*    Recuperating your inner child’s joy for life

*   Becoming the observer of your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations directing them towards your well-being, rather than letting those processes drive you to undesirable actions

*    Freedom from drugs or alcohol dependency

*   Freedom from anxiety

*   Freedom from destructive habits

*   Learning how to use stress for your benefit whenever it knocks at your door

*   Being Your Self, rather than a ‘people pleaser persona’ whose perspective of things gets lost in seeking acceptance from others

*   Personal relationships improvement

*   Freedom from anger, frustration and repression blocks

*   Courage to be yourself and to design your life

*   Self-confidence

*   Experiencing the Unlimited possibilities life offers

*   Finding  new heights of joy in life