The remarkable people mentioned here are all real.  Their stories demonstrate the amazing results that getting to know the origin of your ailments and removing the cause  with this natural and powerful method of therapy can have in your health and your life.  Plus they also show the amazing things that can happen when we remove the limitations placed on our minds by others and stop identifying with limits that determine what we can or not accomplish.

Symptom: 5 Large Kidney Stones.  Stress.



Symptom: Anxiety,Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Panic Attacks. Stress.

January 18, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

In 1994 I became seriously ill with a disease that some of the best medical doctors in the country could not cure or even treat. After enduring unrelenting fear, repeated examinations, lab tests, an MRI, and several intrusive medical procedures –all of which amounted to more than $30,000—I turned to alternative healing in the form of hypnoanalysis with Dr. Ysatis De Saint Simone.

Before I had therapy with Ysatis, a typical day for me was spent in bed or lying on a couch in pain with multiple debilitating and frightening physical symptoms. My sanity was constantly challenged. There were times when I had ten or twelve symptoms throughout various periods of the day.

Prior to beginning the therapy, I was on the verge of suicide and lived in desperation. I have completely healed from 95% of the physical suffering. I am currently still in therapy with Ysatis and the remaining symptoms are dissipating.

The clinical diagnosis of part of my problems was Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, Acid Reflux Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Tachycardia, Dyspepsia, Shingles, Restless Leg Syndrome,

My symptoms included:

  1. Impaired speech and/or reasoning
  2. Visual disturbances
  3. Panic attacks
  4. Chills and night sweats
  5. Shortness of breath
  6. Substantial decrease in the ability to exercise
  7. Dizziness and balance problems
  8. Irregular heartbeat
  9. Irritable bowels (abdominal pain, diarrhea)
  10. Chest pains
  11. Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  12. Sensitivity to noise/sound, light, odors, caffeine, and chemicals
  13. Muscle twitching
  14. Pathological (abnormal) or urgent hunger
  15. Tender and inflamed lymph nodes
  16. Constant feeling of having a virus in my body
  17. Unusual headaches
  18. Migraine Headaches
  19. Abdominal pain
  20. Hypoglycemic symptoms
  21. Excessive heartburn
  22. Insomnia
  23. Vertigo
  24. Bladder irritation, frequent urination, minimal urine flow, constant feeling of having full bladder
  25. Tightness in chest
  26. Severe vaginal pain of no known origin
  27. Neurological problems
  28. Seeing spots before eyes
  29. Rapid heart rate with minimal or no exertion, which persisted for long periods of the day, coming on at any moment and with no known cause.
  30. Throbbing pain in upper left chest
  31. Malaise
  32. Shortness of breath
  33. Severe acne on the inside of upper thighs near vaginal area
  34. Heart flutters
  35. Pain in heart
  36. Ears popping/ringing
  37. Short term memory loss
  38. Vise grip headaches
  39. Foggy and disoriented mind
  40. Constricted feeling in my chest
  41. Feeling as if an electrical current in chest
  42. Constant stomach aches
  43. Neurological twitch in my head
  44. Waking up unable to breathe
  45. Abnormal feeling of fullness in stomach as I began to prepare a meal or after only a few bites
  46. Debilitating fatigue
  47. Constipation
  48. Chronic sore throats
  49. Could not inhale deeply
  50. Pulling feeling in lungs
  51. Pain inside wall of throat (different from a sore throat)
  52. Terrible gas pains that ripped through my side
  53. Chronic sinus problems
  54. Severe tooth pain with no known origin
  55. Pressure in head and neck area
  56. Numbness of limbs
  57. Sore muscles
  58. Chronic back pain
  59. Seeing stars before my eyes
  60. Pain in entire chest, as if being crushed by heavy weight
  61. Terrible shooting pain in abdomen
  62. Sudden choking for no known reason, and without any food in mouth
  63. Nausea
  64. Hemorrhoids
  65. Feeling as if about to black out
  66. Severe teeth clenching –to the point of inducing a root canal

In addition to these physical symptoms, a vast amount of psychological problems also plagued me for years and subsequently disappeared during the hypnoanalysis process. Some of these included: severe depression, phobias, nightmares, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, rage issues, an eating disorder, an excessive hatred of women, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, sexual problems, inability to get along with others, excessive fear of dying, low self-worth, being reclusive, feeling estranged from life, an inability to trust, and I was anti-social.

The only thing which set me free from my physical and mental pain was having hypnoanalysis therapy with Ysatis. This form of healing is nothing short of a miracle and if human beings understood the tremendous benefits of this therapy they would be lining up to receive it.


Alethea Guthrie, Ridgway Co.



Symptom: Leg and Foot Pain

January 18, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Last year I experienced pain throughout my right leg, which struck me while merely walking inside my home. There was no known reason for the pain and it was debilitating enough to stop me from being able to walk down the street.

I had already been in hypnoanalysis with Dr. Ysatis De Saint Simone for several years so I knew that the mind is capable of creating problems in the human body. So instead of contacting a physician, I immediately called Ysatis for a therapy session. As soon as I got off the telephone with her, the pain in my leg dissipated, and continued to do so very rapidly. By that evening I was fine. By the next day there was no sign of the pain, and my leg had returned to normal.

On January 5th of this year, (2011) I was walking in a normal manner, through my home, when I suddenly experienced a sharp pain in my right heal. Just like the leg pain from the previous year, I had not kicked anything or done anything out of the ordinary. But the pain in my heal was series enough for me to consider calling a podiatrist. I instead chose to wait until my hypnoanalysis appointment that was already scheduled for the next day.

After Ysatis and I worked on the heal problem, in one session, the pain began to disappear immediately and by that evening it was completely gone.

Neither the leg pain, nor the heal pain have returned. I consider both incidents a form of a miracle because the pain was life-altering. Without the hypnoanalysis with Ysatis, I would have been forced to go to a medical doctor, where I would have gone through tests, incurred a high medical bill, and there might have been no diagnosis. No doubt, I would have had to accept either the pain, or taking prescription drugs, which are both costly and the side-effects can be dangerous. I also would not have gotten to the root cause of the problem, and the pain would have re-occurred.

The hypnoanalysis therapy with Ysatis is a miraculous gift to any person who chooses to try this natural method of healing. I truly feel so sorry for people who spend their lives in pain and suffering by continuing to utilize conventional medicine, unnecessary surgeries and pharmaceutical drugs. I can give testimony to the fact that the hypnoanalysis therapy can liberate a person with health, and a better quality of life.

Alethea Guthrie, Ridgway Co.



Symptom: Gout and Active Life End – Stress

January 18, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

In May of 2010, I came down with a serious and debilitating case of Gout in my foot. I was unable to work, and could not walk without extreme pain. I was also unable to do any physical activities previously enjoyed. The Gout stopped my life.

I saw a medical physician for the condition and he not only told me that I could not enjoy most of the foods that I like (like meat and shellfish) but he wanted to put me on a prescription drug which can have dramatic side-effects.

Even though my wife was healed from many serious physical, mental and emotional problems by having Hypnoanalysis therapy with Ysatis De Saint Simone, I still did not think that a physical disease like Gout could possibly be cured by working with the mind. When my wife suggested that I try the therapy for the Gout, I was very skeptical, but did not want to alter my life or take dangerous prescription drugs. I chose to try the therapy.

At the beginning of the therapy, I was still experiencing the Gout. After only a few days of therapy, the Gout completely disappeared and has not returned. I never took the medication suggested by the medical doctor, I am able to eat any foods I want, and my physical activities have returned to normal.

I am no longer skeptical. This therapy works and heals people.


Michael Guthrie, Ridgway Co.


Symptom: Lung Infection and Smoking Habit

Today Ysatis invited me to see her Blog, when I saw it I loved it, mainly because I felt so glad that she has done it, because what she has done for me and other people ought to be known by more people than I can reach personally and wordpress is a way of doing so. So I will take advantage and say here how I first met Ysatis. It was 1979, thirty years ago!  I  came to her because I had a serious lung infection, I was also a heavy smoker but I didn’t want to quit smoking, smoking was a security blanket to me, so I really didn’t want to quit and I expressed this to Ysatis. Anyhow, because I was sick, I did try a few times to quit but was never successful quitting for more than a few days, and I usually wound up feeling that I really didn’t care anyway, but I was being medically treated with heavy antibiotics for the lung infection and I didn’t want that, so I came to see if she could help me to get rid of the lung infection. She had been highly recommended to me as a miraculous healer by Lynn Gordon, the person who referred her to me and raved about her and how she had helped her out of a serious problem she had. And indeed, what happened to me during this hypnotherapy experience is nothing short of miraculous. Although we never specifically addressed “smoking” and worked with the subconscious to discover the underlying cause of the infection I noticed after maybe only a handful of sessions that I was smoking at least half as much as I was before! I had heavily smoked for almost 15 years. Even more incredible is that although I had stopped taking the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, the infection of my lungs disappeared, evidenced by the x-rays of my lungs taken after only a few therapy sessions, which showed the infection was completely gone. And as a secondary gain, to my surprise, I could not bear to smoke a cigarette! This therapy has done so much for me, much more than just eliminating these two huge problems. I have gained self-esteem and developed a capacity for joy and true love in my life that were sorely lacking. I vividly recall sharing with Barbara Bouchet, a friend of mine and also a patient of Ysatis, the joy we both felt in regaining our health as she was only 19 when she came to Ysatis because she had a cancerous tumor in her breast and being so young she didn’t want her breast removed. She didn’t have to go through surgery because Ysatis dissolved her tumor. Literally the hypnotherapy she does is a remarkable and powerful way of recuperating your health, but I truly believe the absolute success can be attributed to the intelligent awareness of the therapist using this tool. I could tell you of so many friends that have had serious problems resolved, one especially comes to mind who was ready to kill himself because he had impotence for so long and had exhausted every type of help he sought to get cured. He’s a very happy dad today! Well, I could continue talking but I won’t, all I will say is, I love this Blog and hope it helps others to know about this wonderful way to become not only healthy but free from the limitations that keep them from being free and experiencing life fully.


Extraordinary things will begin to happen to anyone who desires change and works for it.  Once you cast off the old and ineffectual patterns of thought and behavior and open up to wake up your True Nature.  It will be an awakening to a world of infinite possibilities unlike anything you have experienced before!